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Stephen Monroe Northup was born in Gallia Co., Ohio on 23 Jan 1819, the child of Hampton and Elizabeth (Dean) Northup He married Harriet Eliza Gilbert (b: 8 DEC 1819 in Gallia Co., Ohio; D. August 16, 1898 in Rooks Co., KS) on 21 Dec 1843 in Gallia, Oh., and they had eleven known children. Stephen died 9 MAR 1903 in Woodston, Rooks Co., KS.

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Stephen Monroe Northup Family

Children of Stephen Monroe and Harriet Northup

Mary Ann NORTHUP b: 26 OCT 1844 in Gallia Co., Ohio m. John M. HORNISH (b: 1840) 10 MAR 1863 d. 3 JUL 1917
Elizabeth Ellen NORTHUP b: 22 JAN 1846 in Gallia Co., Ohio m. William Weekly HORNISH (b: 1839 in Ohio) 22 MAY 1862 d. 10 JAN 1918
Missouri Charlotte NORTHUP b: m. Robert COCHRAN 1 JAN 1875 d. 3 APR 1875
Amanda NORTHUP b: ABT. 1848 in Ohio d. bet. 1850 and 1860 in Oh or Ia
Daniel Taylor NORTHUP b: 17 FEB 1849 in Gallia Co., Ohio m. Charlotte Ann MCKENDRIG (b: ABT. 1866)12 NOV 1878 d. 10 JUL 1906
Abram Gilbert NORTHUP b: 21 NOV 1850 in Chariton Co., MO m. Ella Woodward MCCALL (b: ABT. 1856) 18 JAN 1881 in Oskaloosa, Mahaska Co., IA d. 16 JAN 1930
Cyrus Winfield Northup b: 4 OCT 1852 in Gallia Co., OH m. Anna Victoria Potts (b: 9 SEP 1862 in IL) d. 10 NOV 1943 in Alva, OK
Matilda Rachel NORTHUP b: 9 OCT 1854 in Iowa m. Joseph ALEXANDER (b: ABT. 1854)9 FEB 1871 d. 27 DEC 1927
Charles Monroe NORTHUP b: 18 AUG 1856 in Iowa m. Ellen Sarah MCKENDRIG 4 FEB 1879 d. 17 OCT 1883 in Woodston, Rooks Co., KS
Nancy Jane NORTHUP b: 30 JUL 1858 in Iowa m. Amos MILLS 21 JUN 1877 d. 17 DEC 1929
Emma Eliza NORTHUP B. 7 SEP 1860 in Iowa or Rooks, KS M. Isaac DODRILL (b: ABT. 1860) Married: 11 OCT 1883 D.

Cyrus Winfield Northup on the right
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